The Wynntown Marshals


The  Wynntown Marshals - "Westerner"

Source:  Heaven magazine [the Netherlands]
Date:  August 2010


It's a quality you come to find with almost all the good Scottish bands - the capacity to process their (American) influences in extremely strong songs.

It's maybe not immediately original, but there is so much experience and melodic strength throughout that this album totally satisfies.

"Westerner", the latest record from Edinburgh's Wynntown Marshals, is one of the best European Americana albums ever delivered - easily handling comparisons with the best country-rock from the other side of the ocean.

Originating from the virtually unknown Sundowns comes singer/songwriter Keith Benzie and drummer Keith Jones, with pedal steel guitarist Iain Sloan and lead guitarist Iain Barbour.

The Marshals have a rich and varied country rock sound reminiscent of the Jayhawks at their peak ("Hollywood Town Hall" and "Tomorrow The Green Grass").

Beautifully played and sung with occasional flourishes of tear-jerking pedal steel guitar and divine harmonies, there are also flashes of the extreme beauty of Wilco and the Bottle Rockets.

"Westerner" is one of those Americana albums where everything just fits right.

We would be really surprised if, at the time of publication of this issue of "Heaven", this CD has not already been picked up by a larger label.

We have rarely heard more marketable Americana.