Press>>The Long Haul

Saarbruecker-Zeitung [Germany], 2nd January 2014

"top class, 5 out of 5..." - full review


Rock Times [Germany], 19th December 2013

"this really is an album with no weak links..." - full review


Na [Sweden], 20th December 2013

"close to perfect, every single song hits the spot..." - full review


It's Still Rock and Roll To Me [Italy], 15th December 2013

"100% comfortable in their own skin..." - full review


Gamblin' 'n' Ramblin' [Italy], December 2013

"exceedingly beautiful..." - full review


Rocks Review [Germany], December 2013

"even better than their American counterparts..." - full review


Hooked On Music [Germany], 6th December 2013

"a fresh, new, creative and unique concoction..." - full review


Uncut [UK], December 2013 issue

"whisky-soaked, with blurry echoes of a decelerated Husker Du... 8/10" - full review


Roots Highway [Italy], 28th November 2013

"they encapsulate the very essence of ''..." - full review


BlogFoolk [Italy], November 2013

"a record of some substantial quality..." - full review


Roots Highway [Italy], 28th November 2013

"a perfect album to turn back the hands of time and evoke sweet nostalgia..." - full review


Medazza Rock [Switzerland], 17th November 2013

"simply put, a great album... " - full review


Six Water Grog [USA], 13th November 2013

"one of the best albums I’ve heard this year..." - full review


Blue Bottazzi Beat [Italy], 12th November 2013

"simultaneously classic, melancholic, evocative and contemporary..." - full review


Hakan's Pop [Sweden], 29th October 2013

"the Marshals can be proud to have put Edinburgh back on the map again..." - full review


DiscoClub [Italy], 17th October 2013

"one of the best Americana albums released in recent times..." - full review


Pop Matters [USA], 13th October 2013

"a love letter to the likes of Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, & Neil Young" - full review


Derek's Music Blog [UK], 11th October 2013

"The Marshals are back and better than ever..." - full review


Baerchen Records [De], 12th September 2013

"without a doubt THE Roots-rock/Americana discovery of the year ..." - full review


Johnny's Garden [NL], 12th September 2013

"Great band. Great CD! This will do well..." - full review


8 Weekly [NL], 12th September 2013

"I'll be taking “TLH” out of the cupboard regularly..." - full review


Glitterhouse Records [De], 30th August 2013

"everything you love about classic country-rock..." - full review


Louder Than War [UK], 28th August 2013

"as good as anything I've heard thus far this year..." - full review


Ctrl.Alt.Country [Belgium], 6th August 2013

"receives the full five stars from us with no hesitation whatsoever..." - full review


American Roots UK [UK], 5th August 2013

"if a better LP is released this year, I can't wait to hear it! " - full review


Maverick [UK], August 2013 issue

"one excellent song after another..." - full review


Country Music & Dance in Scotland [UK], August 2013 issue

"lush harmonies and instrumentation..." - full review


Country Music People [UK], August 2013 issue

"such good musicians and so full of ideas..." - full review


Daily Express [UK], 26th July 2013

"polished and assured..." - full review


R2 / Rock n Reel [UK], August 2013 issue

"lyrically superior, quietly anthemic, and generally compelling..." - full review


Festival Info [NL], 25th July 2013

"blends seamlessly with the likes of Wilco and Neil Young..." - full review


One Chord To Another [Finland], 23rd July 2013

"another damn good release..." - full review


Dagblad van het Noorden / AltCountry.NL [NL], 22nd July 2013

"at this moment, the best example of is being made by this bunch of Scots..." - full review


Net Rhythms [UK], 21st July 2013

"more than enough hooks to land a boat-load of fish..." - full review


The Herald [UK], 17th July 2013

"a reminder of the strength of Scottish music..." - full review


Penny Black Music [UK], 16th July 2013

"resonant and soul-stirring..." - full review


WebMuziek [NL], 15th July 2013

"a formidable Americana record that entertains from start to finish..." - full review


Lonesome Highway [Ireland], 15th July 2013

"the equal of many bands who come from the country whose music inspires them..." - full review


Flyin' Shoes Review [UK], 9th July 2013

"right up there with the very best of British Americana..." - full review


Americana UK [UK], 8th July 2013

"already feeling like the best Americana album this year..." - full review


Kinda Muzik [NL], 5th July 2013

"packed with sing-a-long choruses..." - full review


Guitar & Bass [UK], August 2013 issue

"utterly gorgeous songs..." - full review


Real Roots Cafe [NL], 3rd July 2013

"no reason to be envious of bands like The Jayhawks and Wilco..." - full review


Maxazine [NL], 26th June 2013

"they really have the potential to conquer the charts and radio..." - full review


Scotland on Sunday [UK], 23rd June 2013

"the stand-out Scots band performing Americana... " - full review


Flyin' Shoes Review [UK], 23rd June 2013

"showing the also-rans a clean pair of heels..." - full review


Whisperin' and Hollerin' [UK], 17th June 2013

"what made "TLH" stand out from the rest was the songwriting..." - full review


Vanity Fair / El Descodificador [Spain], 14th June 2013

"simply brilliant..." - full review


Come Un Killer Sotto Il Sole [Italy], 18th June 2013

"do not miss out on this..." - full review


Roots Time [Belgium], 18th June 2013

"a mix of, country-rock, and fresh guitar pop which is ready for a much larger audience" - full review


Written In Music [NL], 15th June 2013

"country-rock music that must be heard..." - full review


Keys and Chords [Belgium], 16th June 2013

"I'm now a fan of The Wynntown Marshals and you should be one too..." - full review


Blues Matter [UK], July 2013

"top drawer..." - full review


American Roots UK [preview], 11th June 2013

"one of the best albums so far this year..." - full review


Alt.Country Forum [NL], 17th June 2013

"the Marshals have one hell of an album in their back pocket!" - full review


Lust For Life [NL], July 2013 issue

"an extremely successful blend of traditional country-rock and" - full review


Get Ready To Rock [UK], 14th June 2013

"packed with heartfelt vocals, driving guitars, and sweet pedal steel..." - full review


No Depression [USA], 12th June 2013

"I like this album... a lot!" - full review


PlatoMania magazine [NL], July 2013

"yet another hit..." - full review


Heaven magazine [NL], July/August 2013 issue

"a beautiful, classic country sound and a wealth of beautiful songs..." - full review


Beat Surrender [UK], 3rd June 2013

"essential listening..." - full review


Peenko [UK], 31st May 2013

"they take influences and craft them into something new and special..." - full review


The Alternate Root [USA], 25th May 2013

"the Marshals deliver jangles that bring smiles..." - full review


Country Routes [UK], 7th May 2013

"musically, this is a very fine album..." - full review


No Depression [USA] / Blabber n Smoke [UK], 21st April 2013

"a triumphant return..." - full review