The Wynntown Marshals

Like Caged Lions

[updated 17th April 2013]

So, "What's been happening in Wynntown?", we hear you ask...

What a busy time we've been having since we last 'spoke'. As mentioned in our last news update back in February, we have agreed release dates for our new album "The Long Haul" across Europe (17th June 2013) and in the UK (15th July 2013) and the radio and press promo campaigns are already underway.

To help us re-create the important role that Hammond and piano play on the new album (and also on "Westerner" in fact), we've recruited a full-time keyboard player to the band. So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Wynntown's latest resident, Richie Noble! Richie has brought loads of great ideas and energy to the songs already and we're throwing him in at the deep end (as we did with Murdoch almost 3 years to the day) with his debut gig onstage at Oran Mor in Glasgow!

We're reigniting a friendship that goes back exactly 5 years to when we toured the UK and Ireland together. We'll be opening for the magnificent Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express again - this time at Oran Mor - on Wednesday 1st May. Doors are 7:30 and we anticipate that we'll be onstage at 8pm. This is our first full-band show in Glasgow for over 2 years, so don't miss it! Tickets onsale here.

We also have some headline CD launch shows lined up - at Broadcast in Glasgow on Friday 12th July, and a hometown show at Edinburgh's Voodoo Rooms the following night (Saturday 13th July). Plans are also afoot for shows in the north of Scotland and across the border in England and Wales. More details on all our shows can be found here as and when details emerge and dates are confirmed.

To coincide with the Chuck show, we are about to bombard y'all with a whole host of exciting developments! The 1st of May sees:

- the launch of our new-look website
- the release of the first promo video from "The Long Haul"
- pre-orders can be made for both downloads and physical copies of "The Long Haul"
- all our back catalogue will be available to download (most for the very first time ever!)
- and lots, lots more...

In addition, all our previous webstore customers and mailing list subscribers will also receive discount codes which entitle them to price reductions on all pre-orders and "The Long Haul" bundles! Aren't we nice to y'all?

So, if you haven't already subscribed to our mailing list, please do so now to qualify for discounts during our pre-order campaign.

That's all folks...


Wishing You a (Belated) Happy New Year!

[updated 7th February 2013]

So, it's been a few months since we updated the "News" page. And for good reason...

If you've been keeping an eye on our "Shows" page or following our Facebook updates and/or Tweets, you'll know that Keith and Iain have been busy doing a handful of Duo support slots - with AJ Roach, Tift Merritt, John Murry, and Dolly Varden - as well as a successful trip to Germany in December.

They also found time to record and release a limited edition Duo EP called "Two's Company" - of which there are only THREE copies left as we 'speak'!

Mainly though, we've been hard at work recording our new album since October, and we're delighted to say that we officially closed the studio doors last week and we have completed the actual recording process.

We are just finalising the artwork just now and our producer Andrew Taylor has distributed the first set of 'final' mixes for discussion and comments. It's all sounding really good and we are all VERY pleased with how easy this seems to have been so far.

The staggered UK and EU releases of the "Westerner" album and the time we had to set aside to promote it with several trips around the UK and to Germany and Holland, seemed to make it virtually impossible to gain any kind of momentum working on new material over the last 2 or 3 years.

Also, as most of you will know, our original drummer Keith Jones also handed his Marshal's badge in, and this upheaval further disrupted the creative process. Furthermore, throughout the recording process for this new album, we also parted company (by mutual consent) with our lead guitarist Owen Nicholson - ending a 2-year stint with the band.

So, it's been a difficult time, all things considered. But, coinciding with bringing new drummer Kenny McCabe onboard, this gave us all a big lift and further reassured us that we were right to remain so convinced in the strength of the new material, and fully committed to the direction in which the new songs were headed.

So, the next stage now is to take the final mixes to the mastering studio (booked for mid-February), then these mastered mixes and artwork will be whisked off for replication and printing. Then the press campaign starts across Europe and the UK.

"Westerner" was so well-received that it has left some pretty big boots to fill. However, we believe we are sitting on a great album and those who have heard sneak previews of a few selected tracks (fortunately) agree with our optimism!

Our new album contains 10 tracks and will be entitled "The Long Haul". It will be released in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg through Sonic Rendezvous on the 17th June 2013, and then in the UK via Proper Music 4 weeks later, on Monday 15th July.

More details will be released over the next few weeks.

Watch this space...


Wynntown Welcomes a New Marshal

[updated 26th October 2012]

Following a long and difficult last year or so, we are delighted to announce that we have found a new drummer, Mr Kenny McCabe.

Kenny (like Keith Benzie) is an Aberdeenshire-born lad but now lives on the outskirts of Edinburgh . As seems to be the norm within the rather incestuous Edinburgh music scene, Kenny has previously played in bands with former bandmates of Iain and Murdo.

So, we were able to discreetly contact our 'sources' in order to check out that his ‘references' were all above board before formally appointing him (hehe)!

Like his predecessor Keith Jones, Kenny also sings BVs and, better still, has a preference for reaching for those notes more commonly found within the auditory range of dogs.

So, all good there...

Since Kenny joined us a few weeks ago, we have been beavering away on songs which will comprise our next studio album. Things are really coming together very quickly now and we will be commencing work on the follow-up to "Westerner" in the next 10 days.

This time around, we will be working with our good friend Andrew Taylor from Dropkick. Andrew has guested on banjo and mandolin with Keith B's former band "The Sundowns" and Iain has played with Dropkick on several occasions. So, having Andrew onboard to produce and engineer these sessions is both a natural and obvious choice.

As well as a great knack for finding sweet melodies and capturing gorgeous, natural sounds when recording, he is also a gifted multi-instrumentalist too - from drums to guitars to keys, etc. So, chances are that the album will feature some guest spots from him too.

As you probably know, Iain and Keith have been rehearsing and gigging as a duo over the last few weeks and have some forthcoming dates in Germany in mid-December. In preparation for these shows, a few days ago, Andrew popped up to our loftspace to record and film a rehearsal session, and more and more footage of that will continue to appear on our YouTube channel over the coming weeks.

We will keep you posted here and on our Facebook page about our progress as recording gets underway...

Also, in news just in, Keith and Iain have just confirmed another "Wynntown Marshals Duo" show. They will be opening for the fabulous Tift Merritt and Band at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh on Monday 26th November 2012.

Doors 7:30pm. Keith and Iain will be onstage at 8pm sharp. Tickets are priced at £14 and available here.


It Never Rains, But It Pours...

[updated 16th August 2012]

Keith and Iain have confirmed yet another duo gig! This time they will be opening for AJ Roach at Glasgow Art Club (185 Bath Street) on Thursday 4th October 2012 as part of the Glasgow Americana festival.

AJ is an American singer-songwriter originally from Virginia, but now based in Brooklyn, NY, and is best known for his vigorous touring schedule in both the US and in Europe - at times performing as many as 250 dates per year!

His writing blurs the line between indie and traditional folk - drawing comparisons to Will Oldham and Vic Chesnutt, and he is considered a troubadour in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

This should be a great show in a beautiful, intimate setting.

Tickets are available here.


December Dates... As a Duo... In Deutschland!

[updated 9th July 2012]

On the last night of our recent trip to Germany, we played in the north of Hamburg - at the Kulturwerk-Am-See Festival organised by Wolfgang Sedlatschek and the team from the wonderful Music Star venue in Norderstedt.

On the way out of the venue after Rich Hopkins' great headline set, an offhand comment made to Wolfgang about how brilliant it would be to fly in to witness the awesome Sons of Bill playing in the intimate Music Star in December led to an immediate offer of a headline show of our own the night after the SoB show - with Keith Benzie (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) and Iain Sloan (guitar/steel/vocals) playing as a duo.

Then, word got around. This quickly led to another show offer - this time an intimate, acoustic show onboard a boat (the Motorschiff MaryLou) for the lovely Club Am Donnerstag 'family' in nearby Bergedorf. 

Generally speaking, in the past, we've usually declined or discouraged offers to play stripped-down sets. However, when we played as an acoustic trio on the BBC Radio 2 session for Bob Harris way back in 2010 for example, we loved how differently the songs came across in that setting.

Plus, up until a few weeks before our most recent German tour, circumstances have meant that the writing and pre-production sessions for our next record have led to the 4 of us having to develop most of our new songs without drum parts. So although, as with "Westerner", the ultimate aim is to have full-band/electric arrangements throughout the next album, some of the newer songs have sounded really great with sparser or mellower treatments too.

So, this short trip to Germany will be a fantastic way of showing a very different side to the Marshals and giving our close friends in the Hamburg area a 'world exclusive' as we treat them to previews of some new material, reworkings of tunes from our back catalogue and probably a few cover versions too.

Keep an eye on the Shows section of our website and also our Facebook page for more details as we move closer to the shows.

In the meantime, the big sale is still on in our online store and we guarantee that we have the cheapest price anywhere in the world for brand new physical copies of our "Westerner" CD.

Go on, go on, go on...


Sale Now On

[updated 19th June 2012]

Now that we've returned home from our short tour of Germany, we don't anticipate playing any more shows for several months. We need to get our heads down and get on with recording our next album now.

We're really grateful for the tremendous response "Westerner" has had up 'til now. It's been good to us and has won us many new friends here in the UK and further afield - most notably in the Netherlands and Germany. However, it's now time to move on...

So, we're trying to run down our supplies of "Westerner" merchandise - Bear baseball shirts, Greyhound Bus/48 Hours T-shirts AND our CDs - to make room for new shirt designs and stocks of our forthcoming CD.

So, pop along to our online store now to take advantage of some great deals while stocks last. Everything must go...


The Sheriff Hands His Badge In...

[updated 27th March 2012]

So, where to start...?

It's with some sadness that we have to announce that our drummer/founder-member Keith Jones recently handed his Marshals badge in. When The Sundowns folded in 2007, the two Keiths (Benzie and Jones) decided to stick together and start again with a new band - the Marshals. So, it's not melodramatic to say that, without Jonesy, there would be no Wynntown Marshals... it's a fact.

Jonesy was/is W-A-Y more than "just a drummer". Keith practically managed the Marshals, booked most shows, and did a whole load of the 'donkey work' in the background that most folks generally don't see or appreciate. So his departure leaves pretty big boots to fill.

Keith's resignation made us all sit back and take stock of things but we unanimously agreed that, despite this setback, we really believe we have something good here and are enthused about the songs we're currently working up for our next album. So, there's a lot to be positive about and there are exciting times ahead as we put a new record together. So, it's 'business as usual' in Wynntown.

On that note, we're delighted that the lovely Mike Foy from our good friends Dropkick has offered to occupy the vacant drum-stool on our forthcoming trip to Germany. Like Jonesy, Mike is also an extremely musical drummer with a great feel and will slot in effortlessly.

Also, circumstances outwith Murdo's control mean that he is also unable to accompany us on this trip. However, with Murdo's blessing, his bass-playing Joyriders' bandmate Craig Smith will temporarily take his place. Craig and the Marshals go W-A-Y back - he's been in the Joyriders with Murdo and Keith J for over 20 years, in 2002 he was pedal-steeler Iain Sloan's best man, and was the crucial third man in Iain and Murdo's Secret Six project, as well as being the Sundowns' webmaster/developer back in the day. Craig's a top bloke, an awesome bass-player, and will be an 'enthusiastic' drinking partner on this wee tour!

Once we return from these shows, we'll all sit down together and take stock of the drummer situation and start looking for a permanent replacement for Keith J. We're all excited about the new songs we've been working on and will be playing a few of these on the upcoming dates. Onwards and upwards....

In the meantime, we'd all like to thank Jonesy very much for everything he's done for the Marshals and wish him all the best for whatever path he chooses next...


Season's Greetings

[updated 21st December 2011]

It's just over 2 months since the last post. "So, what have you guys been up to?", I hear no-one ask.

We finished recording "Westerner" well over 2 years ago and have spent a fair bit of the ensuing time promoting it in the UK and across in Holland and Germany.

So, since returning from our European dates in October, we've been holed up in our rehearsal space in deepest Fife, focusing on new material.

We've got a handful taking good shape now, and as a wee taster of the direction we're currently heading in:

- "Driveaway" is an uptempo rocker in the Springsteen-meets-The-Replacementss-meets-The-Hold-Steady mould

- "Whatever It Takes" is a mellower, melancholy tune, reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne at their most chilled

- "The Submariner's Wife" follows firmly in the Marshals' tradition of melding unusual lyrical subject matter to a country shuffle

- "Keys Found In Snow" is a wintry song with shades of The Weakerthans (think a slower "Night Windows" meets "Virtute the Cat...")

- "Curtain Call" is a tragic tale about the exploits of a Victorian conjuror and has been kicking around since before the "Westerner" sessions

Overall, this album is shaping up to be a little less 'country' than "Westerner" so far. But it's still early days yet...

We're looking at starting the actual recording in springtime, with a release some time in the latter part of 2012.

In the meantime, we won't be actively looking to do any shows but will keep our eyes open for any worthwhile opportunities.

If you find yourselves suffering from any 'live' Marshals withdrawal symptoms, we do still have copies of our 7-track "Live at the Holly Tree" album available for £7 (inc. P&P). Email and we can organise payment via Paypal/cheque/bank transfer.

Anyhow, I hope that you've all been good boys and girls this year and that Santa Claus/Sinterklaas/Christkindl rewards you appropriately!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here in Wynntown.


October Tour Update

[updated 19th October 2011]

Well, that's us home again after yet another successful wee venture into mainland Europe.

We had a great time, played in some beautiful locations, enjoyed some wonderful hospitality, made some new friends, drank a wee bit too much, and indulged a little too much in spicy foods. Then paid the inevitable consequences...

Thanks to Israel Nash Gripka and his bandmates, all the staff and crew at Het Burgerweeshuis in Deventer, Ludger and all at Club am Donnerstag in Bergedorf, Wolfgang, Ulf and co. at Music Star in Norderstedt, and all the production staff at the Roepaen Festival in Ottersum.

Also, kudos to our Dutch convoy [Thomas, Marnix and Stephen] who travelled up from Zwolle to see both our shows in the Hamburg area.

We'd also like to share another great big Marshals bear-hug with our agent Karen Proeme for organising all these dates for us. Dank u wel, Karen. x

We've already been invited to return to Norderstedt to play at the "Kulturwerk am See" Festival at Waldbuhne Stadtpark on Saturday 2nd June 2012 and will be scheduling in other dates in Germany, Holland and (hopefully) Belgium either side of this appearance.

Keep an eye on our Shows page for more info as and when...

In the meantime, here are links to photos from our shows at Roepaen [by Marcel Houweling] and Bergedorf [by Stephan Erdmann].

Check out our Facebook photo albums page in a few days as we'll post our usual Travelogue/Photo Diary on there too.

October Dates Confirmed

[updated 8th September 2011]

We've just today confirmed the final show of our October tour.

We kick off with a Glasgow Americana show in Stereo with our good friend Israel Nash Gripka, who we recently played with in the Netherlands.

Then, following our successful Dutch tour in April/May, we're honoured to have been invited back there for more dates.

This time, we'll make a return trip to Deventer before driving across the border for a couple of gigs in Germany - in Bergedorf and Norderstedt to be precise.

Then, to round things off, we'll be appearing at the renowned Roepaen Festival in Ottersum on a bill which includes Frazey Ford from The Be Good Tanyas.

Full details of our tour can be found here.

Thanks to our European agent Karen Proeme for all her help. Karen, you're a star!

Now, I wonder which awesome bands will be 'entertaining' us on the ferry...


BBC Radio Scotland Session Available Again

[updated 18th July 2011]

BBC Radio Scotland have kindly re-posted the session we recorded for their "Another Country with Ricky Ross" show on the 17th June 2011.

You can hear the full, uninterrupted 24 minutes of interviews and live tracks - which includes "Two's Company", "Thunder in the Valley" and our cover of the Gram Parsons' classic "Brass Buttons" - here.

Thanks to Karen Miller at the BBC for her help.


Fyvie Live: Saturday 13th August 2011

[updated 11th July 2011]

We are delighted to announce that the Marshals will be playing at Fyvie Live - a charity event in the north-east of Scotland on Saturday 13th August 2011.

To celebrate Fyvie Castle's 800th anniversary, the Marshals join a bill which also includes Capercaillie and Beverley Knight to raise funds for the Aberdeen-based charity, Friends of ANCHOR.

With a support area which extends throughout the north-east of Scotland, the Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy (ANCHOR) unit is a fully-funded NHS department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The ANCHOR unit brings together experts and specialist nursing support to coordinate care of patients with all forms of cancer, leukaemia and benign blood disorders, such as haemophilia.

Fyvie Castle's gates open at 4pm and the show officially starts at 7pm with the Grande Finale and Fireworks Spectacular scheduled for 10pm.

Please come along and show your support to help us raise money to directly help people within the north-east and beyond.

Tickets are available here, and your support is very much appreciated. Thanks.


BBC Radio Scotland Session

updated 28th June 2011]

We had the pleasure of performing a live radio session for "Another Country with Ricky Ross" on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday 17th June 2011.

We'd like to thank Ricky and his fabulous crew (engineers Niall Young and Joanne, and his production team of Kirsten Smith and Richard Murdoch) for giving us this fabulous opportunity and also for treating us so well and making sure we had a fabulous time.

We performed 3 songs - our own "Two's Company" and "Thunder in the Valley" from the "Westerner" album, and closed the session with a cover of the Gram Parsons classic "Brass Buttons".

The show was also broadcast again at 22:05 on Sunday 19th June 2011. 


Marshals in Multimedia Onslaught

[updated 12th June 2011]

Courtesy of Jan Van Eck at, we've posted some footage from our recent Dutch tour on youtube.

Shot at our show at Nix BBBlues Club in Enschede on Sunday 1st May 2011, Jan's footage is HD and was recorded with multiple cameras and a direct audio feed from FOH.

There are currently 3 tracks uploaded (click on title to view):

(1) I Should've Guessed

(2) All That I Want

(3) Thunder In The Valley

Also, we'll be doing a full electric band live session on "Another Country with Ricky Ross" on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday 17th June 2011.

The show runs from 8pm 'til 10pm (BST) and we'll be the featured artists in the second half of the show.

As well as playing a couple of our favourite tracks from our "Westerner" album, Ricky has asked us to do an exclusive cover of a classic Americana/country tune, and I think we've picked a wee cracker!

Curious??? Well, tune in on Friday to find out more!


Upcoming Radio Sessions

[updated 24th May 2011]

Our drive towards global domination steps up a pace or two in the next few weeks as we take over the airwaves for a couple of live radio sessions - one for Kink FM in the Netherlands and one closer to home, at BBC Radio Scotland's studios in Glasgow.

We recorded a 6-track session for Kink FM's legendary "2 Meter Sessies" in Amsterdam's Studio Le Roy while we were touring over there at the end of April.

Recorded totally and utterly live and mastered there and then (!), we had the pleasure of working with fabulous engineers (Mikel Le Roy and his son Noah). The session was presided over by the influential, well-respected Dutch broadcaster/presenter/DJ Jan Douwe Kroeske - We're told Jan's "the Dutch Jools Holland".

This session will be broadcast from 21:00-22:00 (BST)/22:00-23:00 (CET) on Thursday 26th May 2011.

Listen here by following links to "2 Meter Live":

As if that wasn't exciting enough, we'll be doing a live BBC Radio session on "Another Country with Ricky Ross" - Scotland's leading Americana show - on Friday 17th June 2011 from 20:00-22:00 (BST).

Ricky has been very supportive of the band, having championed our "Westerner" album right from the get-go! So, it's a pleasure to finally get to thank him in person. We'll be performing 3 songs and undoubtedly indulging in a bit of (ahem) ‘entertaining' chit-chat for y'all!

For more details, keep an eye on this page nearer the time:


Dutch Tour and Live EP Release

[updated 19th April 2011]

So, the clock is ticking and we're currently putting the final touches to our sets for our upcoming tour of Holland.

The reviews in Holland and Belgium have been unanimously positive again and the airplay has been stacking up nicely as a result.

As well as the shows lined up - in Leiden (28th April), Hoorn (29th April), Deventer (30th April) and Enschede (1st May ) - we've also been invited to record a "2 Meter Sessie" for Kink FM in Amsterdam.

The "2 Meter Sessies" began in 1987 and are legendary in Holland. So, we're delighted to have been invited to join the ranks of previous illustrious guests such as Radiohead, Foo Fighters, REM and Nirvana, amongst others.

To coincide with the Dutch dates, we'll also be releasing a live EP. This 7-track CD-only release was recorded in the Holly Tree Tavern in Aberdeenshire last summer and features a couple of exclusive tracks - a cover of Neil Young's "Powderfinger" and our take on an old Sundowns' tune "Bad Cloud".

"Live at the Holly Tree" will be available via the website store once we get back.

Hope to see some of you over there in the Netherlands.

Tot zo!


European Release for 'Westerner'

[updated 28th February 2011]

We're delighted to announce that "Westerner" is released today (28th February 2011) in the Benelux nations.

Thanks to our new Dutch friends (take a bow Peter Schaper, Hans Broere, Karen Proeme, and William Lautenbag), music-buyers in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg can now go into their local record store and purchase a copy of "Westerner".

The album is still on our own Charger Records imprint and is being distributed throughout Europe by Sonic Rendezvous.

What is really encouraging is that the release is mainly down to 'people power'! Online CD sales/downloads, a storming review in respected Dutch mag "Heaven", an enthusiastic follow-up from a Dutch promoter, and being voted "Album of the Year 2010" by Gerrit Caspers on his Goodnoise Radio show all served to kickstart the Benelux release campaign.

The excitement stirred up for "Westerner" has also ultimately led to us being invited over for a series of shows in the Netherlands in April (see Shows).

In the last week, 6 different Dutch radio stations have playlisted tracks from "Westerner" - "Ballad of Jayne" (twice), "Snowflake" (twice), "Nelly", and "48 Hours" - with more to follow. Visit and access the shows and playlists from the top Menu bar.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Reviews page for regular updates as the press coverage continues to pick up pace.


UK Tour Report

[updated 24th February 2011]

Well, that was a pretty amazing time... After an 8 day jaunt up and down the UK, we've made some great new friends.

It's amazing how close you can grow to people you've literally just met. Never underestimate the bonding powers of being packed sardine-like into one splitter, inter-band Scrabble contests, guitarists with errant underwear, the smell of cheap hotel rooms, competitive 'Van Tetris', and perhaps the worst veggie-burgers ever encountered!

In fact, we all love Steve and Diane from Dolly Varden and Chris and John from Magnolia Summer so much that we have decided to hand them the keys to the city of Wynntown!

On behalf of all 3 bands, I'd like to thank all the promoters, venue managers, and sound engineers for all their wonderful hospitality, support, encouragement, assistance, and willingness to take a risk on a triple-header Americana tour.

We've also made some great new friends (and been re-acquainted with existing Marshalettes) in London, Winchester, Tingewick, Sheffield, Nottingham, Kinross, and Edinburgh. All those kind words (and CD sales) made it all worthwhile.

In Winchester, we also had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the bill with a wonderful band called Dolorean from Portland, Oregon.

For those of you unable to come along to any of the shows, the new shirts will soon be available through our online Shop. Keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, "Westerner" finally gets an official European release on Monday 28th February 2011 and will be distributed through Sonic Rendezvous.

Keep your eye on our Reviews page as the stars are already piling up!


There's a New Gunslinger in Wynntown

[updated 10th December 2010]

Following the sudden departure of original guitarist Iain Barbour, the Marshals are delighted to finally announce the arrival of a new 'gunslinger' to Wynntown.

Blairgowrie's Owen Nicholson joined us for our 3 shows in November and has since accepted our offer to make his Marshals badge a permanent fixture on his big black overcoat.

Iain B left some pretty big boots to fill. However, Owen has an impressive 'CV' which currently also includes The New Madrids, as well as previous stints with $outhpaw, JJ Gilmour (The Silencers) and, most recently, co-production duties, studio and live work with folk legend Dougie MacLean. So, we are over the moon to now have him onboard on a permanent basis.

Owen brings oodles of 'twang' and a large side order of 'kerrang' and is also a fabulous pedal steel player. So, Mr Sloan better be on his behaviour!

See some pics of Owen and the rest of the Marshals from the November shows in the "Live" section of the Gallery.


UK Tour: February 2011

[updated 4th September 2010]

We're in the midst of booking a full UK tour throughout February 2011 with our US friends Dolly Varden and Magnolia Summer.

Although a few dates are still 'tbc' at present, see "Shows" for further details.

More details will emerge over the next few weeks.


European Agent

[updated 1st September 2010]

We're delighted to announce we're working with Karen Proeme Productions in the Netherlands and EU mainland.


Watch this space for overseas dates being announced in the near future.

To book the Marshals for shows in Mainland Europe, please contact


Bob Harris BBC Radio Session

[updated 18th July 2010]

We recorded our BBC Radio 2 session with the legendary "Whispering" Bob Harris and it was broadcast on Sunday 18th July 2010.

Bob has been a big supporter of the Marshals over the last year or two - having played our "Ballad of Jayne" single several times and calling us "brilliant" and referring to "Jayne" as "a real favourite".

We played a 3-song acoustic set of "48 Hours", "Snowflake" and "Two's Company" - all from our "Westerner" album.

In between songs, we chatted to Bob about the band's history, our touring plans, our influences, and also chose a few of our favourite tracks by other artists.

Bob rounded off our one-hour slot by playing the opening track from "Westerner" - "You Can Have My Heart".

We had a blast and clips from the session can be heard on our Facebook page.