The Wynntown Marshals


"a great pure, glowing, radiant, country-rock album..." -


"Europe's best Americana band..." -


"a spectacular debut album..." -


"as satisfying as a good maltÖ " -


"a truly sublime, timeless album, and a classic in the making..." -


"for great Americana, look no further than Edinburgh..." -


"delicious Americana..." -


"the best album from Europe ever..." -


"it's been a long time since we've heard such a good band from Scotland..." -


"a model for many other bands..." -


"the Marshals really take your breath away..." -


"absolutely brilliant - album of the week..." -


"music a la pure Americana..." -


"sublime country rock songs that deserve a wider audience..." -


"these Scots stunned my house with their delicious sounds..." -


"one of the best European Americana albums ever..." -


"a versatile album that works beautifully as a whole..." -


"simply delicious..." -


"it's scary to think that this is just their debut!" -


"I hope they make it over here soon..." -


"the vocals are strong and the instrumentation is superb!" -


"quite simply stunning... certainly in my top 5 albums of 2010" -


"the songwriting elevated this to a lock for my 'debut disc of 2010'" -


"essential listening" -


"the real deal" -


"as good as Americana gets." -


"a splendid debut" -


"sublime country-rock songs" -


"immediately impressive" -


"a sound that is uniquely their own" -


"there's a lot to enjoy and satisfy on this disc" -


"already added to my list of favourites..." -


"one of the better British country albums Iíve heard" -


"exquisite and exhilarating... a stunning album" -


"an extremely hummable, harmony-laden Scottish take on Americana" -


"pushes all the right 'roots-rock' buttons " -